- Make Do - 22 Oct 2014


You’ve probably heard of our brands, know the Moonpig jingle or may have made a photo book with PhotoBox from your latest summer photos. Do you want to know a bit more about what’s under the hood of these great brands?

We are a business of personalisation: our products help you express who you are, celebrate great moments, share brilliant memories. If our services are all about being personal, can we possibly “hide” behind our websites or apps? This blog intends to be a platform for us to share more about what makes us tick, our ambition, our personality, our beliefs. And a place where we can engage with you, continuing our long story of building a great service for and with our community of users.

We’re a product of thinking differently. PhotoBox was conceived before broadband internet was widely available and when digital cameras were just emerging and adoption rates were extremely low. When it first started out, Moonpig was just a 2 person business taking on the giants of the high street with a completely new and untested model. It’s these innovative and forward thinking qualities that we still rely on everyday.

The space that we’re in is one of constant upheaval. It’s invigorating but comes with some challenges. It means our teams have to thrive on adaptation and constant course corrections, and as a result, our culture is to live and breathe change. And we do, all the way from our workflow and production specialists down to our development and marketing teams; it’s what keeps us pushing forward, and frankly what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We’re proud of our story so far, and with even grander plans for the future, we want to make you a bigger part of them than ever. We want you to get to know us beyond our products and feel comfortable challenging, and at times maybe criticising our thinking in order to perfect some of the ideas that are coming your way. Thank you for engaging with all our teams as they use this platform to tell their story and seek your many reactions!