- Photobox Group - 07 Jul 2016

Research shows that personalisation fires up our creativity

Finding the perfect gift for anyone is notoriously difficult. Those few times a year you have to step up are guaranteed to give you a rising feeling of panic as the days pass by and the pressure builds.

What can I get my Aunty Jean? Does she want a book? No, could be a little boring. What about a tablet? Probably too expensive, wow, she is hard to buy for! It’s a situation we’ve all be in before – some more often than others! Racking our brains, trying to get those creative juices flowing and buy a gift which is truly thoughtful, meaningful and, ideally memorable for all the right reasons.

With that in mind, we thought we would ask our friends at YouGov to do some digging into the relationship between creativity and personalisation. We wanted to find out why us Brits personalise products but, more importantly, work out what we feel when we do it.

Keep believing in that personal feeling
The results were pretty conclusive with 68% of people saying they felt more thoughtful when personalising a gift for someone and nearly half saying they felt more creative. So it seems that the personalisation process incites some pretty powerful emotions in us. Indeed, the top five things people feel when personalising a product or gift were:

  1. Thoughtful
  2. Creative
  3. Proud
  4. Excited
  5. Artistic

Our men are more creative than you think
So how do the genders differ when it comes to how they feel when they personalise? Well, our research threw up some pretty surprising statistics which buck a few gender stereotypes. While nearly three quarters of women felt it showed more thought had gone into the gift; the report found men felt significantly more creative and artistic when personalising.

Creating meaning for those that matter
But what does all this mean for the receiver of the gift, the person that really matters? Well the good news is that not only are those receiving the gift significantly more likely to keep a personalised item, but they also believe that a personalised gift shows more thought and more effort on behalf of the giver. Brownie points all round!

If you are struggling for some creative inspiration but want to stand out from your siblings or friends, why not think about personalising a gift? As well as being surprisingly quick, easy and fun, most importantly it will mean that when Aunty Jean sits down and tears away the wrapping paper this year, she won’t be receiving just another present. She’ll be opening up a gift which really means something, a gift which will put a smile on her face, and hopefully one which you won’t see in the waste paper basket or the charity shop the following day.

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