Press - Photobox Group - 23 Dec 2015

Caring enough to get creative – Photobox YouGov survey surprisingly shows men spend more on personalised gifts than women

Men spent proportionally more on personalised gifts than women in the last 12 months
35-44 year old women most inclined to personalise gifts
Generous East of England typically personalise for others; South for themselves

London, UK – 23 December 2015 – Photobox Group, Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts, and parent of the Photobox, Moonpig, PaperShaker, Sticky9, Hofmann, Posterjack and posterXXL brands, commissioned YouGov to undertake a landmark survey to better understand our gifting habits, and to help highlight any notable gender and geographic divides.

Our thoughtful, creative British men

Following over 1,000 interviews of adults aged eighteen upwards across the UK, the survey showed our British men love to make a meaningful gesture. Men spent proportionally more on personalised gifts than their female counterparts during the last twelve months, with a surprising 24% of their overall gift spend on personalised presents. These findings show our British men are caring and creative, putting thought into personalising gifts for their loved ones. Cards and mugs were two items men personalised most frequently, with jewellery also high on the list.

But women are snapping at their heels and were confident they would overtake men in the next twelve months, expecting over a quarter of their annual spend on gifts to be on bespoke presents, as customisation trends continue to grow. In fact, the survey found that women are officially the biggest personalisers, with over 60% customising their gifts, versus less than half (43%) of men. Interestingly, women aged 35-44 are the most likely to have personalised a gift compared to the younger 18-34 year old tech savvy generation.

Both genders agreed that, when receiving a gift, they would be more likely to keep personalised items, although the motivations for choosing to give personalised presents were quite different. Nearly three quarters of women felt it showed more thought had gone into the gift; but the report found men were significantly more driven by creativity than other reasons.

Generous East of England

Across the nation, the research findings showed a very different story within each region, with those in the East of England most likely to have personalised a gift for others; whilst those in the South were more inclined than other areas to have personalised items for themselves. Those in the North of England were just as likely to personalise for themselves as for others and Londoners are the most keen to personalise stationary items, while those in Wales would rather personalise clothing.

Dr Michael Wagstaff, Head of UK Custom Research at YouGov, said:
“This piece of research we have taken on behalf of Photobox Group has shown some incredibly interesting – and in a few cases surprising – gender and geographic differences in our personalised gifting habits. The research is very timely as we consider the types of purchases we make for others and ourselves in the lead up to Christmas and the subsequent sale period. One of the beauties of personalisation now is that it is so instant and you can do it on any medium.”

Commenting on the survey results, Stan Laurent, Chief Executive Officer at Photobox Group, said:
“At Photobox we always knew that we are a very generous and thoughtful nation. However what was striking is that men are starting to give women a real run for their money when it comes to personalising, not only in terms of cards but also bigger ticket items. Layflat photobooks, personalised cushions and Moonpig beauty products are already proving to be hot ticket items this festive season but, with so much that can be personalised, women, be prepared, you could be in for a nice surprise, with your male counterparts increasingly keen to show off their creative sides this Christmas.”