- Photobox Group - 24 Aug 2015

A warm welcome to posterXXL

When PhotoBox was started back in 1999, it was with a simple mission – to help people print digital photos online. Over the years we’ve continued to build on this simple beginning, bringing new businesses, products and services under the PhotoBox umbrella and widening our reach into Europe.

Our ambition now is to become Europe’s leading digital consumer service for personalised products and gifts, in short help our customers surround themselves by products that are and feel personal to them and the one that matters to them. So, it’s with great pride that we announce our fifth acquisition in five years – and a big step towards that dream – one of the leading German online photo businesses, posterXXL.

Founded in 2004, posterXXL have quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the German online photo market. With headquarters and production centre in Munich they boast a strong presence in Germany and Austria, and along with their status as a high-growth, high profile brand, they take our share of the market in Germany to 10%, and cement our number 1 position in the European B2C market.

Specialising in large format photo printing – from posters to framed prints – it also marks another big and exciting change for us, offering new ways for our customers to do something with their photos. Whether it’s holiday snaps or professional shots, posterXXL gives customers the chance to turn their photos into works of art. Besides the XXL side of things, they’re also a perfect fit to mirror PhotoBox’s offering, including things like photo books, gift printing and calendars in their product portfolio.

posterXXL bring a robust revenue profile and proof of their fast-paced attitude too – reporting 25% year-on-year growth in their fiscal year of 2014-15. Along with the Group’s strong performance in both sales and profitability this year, we felt that this powerful partnership was the perfect way to celebrate.

About the acquisition, our Group President and CEO, Stan, said:
The acquisition of posterXXL is ground-breaking for PhotoBox, delivering yet more scale to the Group and a prime position in Germany, by far the largest photo market in Europe. We’re excited to add a new leading brand and a highly entrepreneurial team to our family of personalisation services. This is XXL in all respects!”

We’re proud to see that the excitement is matched, with posterXXL Founder and CEO, Christian Schnagl, commenting:
“This is a combination of two of the most successful and innovative businesses in the photo printing space in Europe. The team and I are excited to be joining PhotoBox to continue expanding posterXXL and to participate in the creation of the largest B2C personalisation business in Europe.”

We look forward to integrating posterXXL into the PhotoBox family, and will learn from last year’s Spanish acquisition, Hoffman, to ensure it’s a smooth and fruitful process for everyone.