- Make Do - 30 Dec 2014

A journey through the Papershaker #MyPaperWish event in London

Paper has been the expression of human creativity for hundreds of years and it will remain long into the future.

Our brands in the Photobox Group share the vision to help our customers realise their creativity in physical items through innovative digital means. This often starts with a beautiful design as well as the personalisation each customer brings to their own photos, messages and even wishes.

At the end of November we worked with the Fedrigoni Imaginative Papers Studio in London to create an amazing festive pop up to capture Christmas wishes for our customers – all in paper of course!

Paper installation

The concept was to create a beautiful physical space where visitors could write their wish on a paper star and add it to the display. This combination of embracing the physical and creating something personal with paper is a great expression of what we do at Photobox Group through all of our companies.

Paper artist Elod Beregszaszi built an incredible display using origami skills to shape a grotto that everyone could walk around and within. It’s often hard to know what to expect from a paper art installation, but everyone that visited us – including our team members – were blown away by the beauty and physicality of the creation.

We wanted to give an overall feeling that was natural and organic, like fresh snow or cave walls. As you can see from our pictures, the three dimensional surfaces created by Elod reflected the coloured lighting to make gorgeous patterns. Even better, the event was an interactive experience as our visitors could use remote controls to change the lighting and create whole new landscapes.

Elod also designed our beautiful origami stars, on which, each visitor’s wish was written and added to the display. By the end of the event, every surface was covered in stars, each with a personal hope for Christmas.


Throughout the week of the display we had a collection of wonderful wishes from artists, customers, bloggers and visitors from the local area.

A highlight for us was the time spent with North London Cares, a community network that spends time with older neighbours and friends to help folks stay warm and active. Their wishes were a reminder that the simple things can make the best wishes.

Special thanks also goes to the team involved in the process of offering wishes to those who came to the event. Geoff Sanderson, the creative mind behind PaperShaker was the driving force of the experience. Debbie Wigglesworth works with Universities and writes a spectacular column on her paper exploration, she oversaw the project.


I’d also like to thank my fellow team member Afonso Veiga, Social Media Assistant, who I worked very closely with to make this project such a success! Together we worked hand in hand to bring this event to audiences all over the world through social media channels.

I hope you enjoyed MyPaperWish as much as I did and we hope that some of those wishes come true! If you have any questions at all for me or Afonso, just leave them in the comments below.