- Photobox Group - 25 Nov 2015

1 in 2 people will personalise gifts – Will you be one of them this Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll probably be thinking about what presents to get your loved ones. It’ll need to be something thoughtful, something different, something personal. But what do we mean by personal? Well, we recently asked YouGov to do some more digging. Their research whizzes carried out a landmark survey which looked deeper into the personalisation market. It is the very first survey of its kind and they turned up some pretty amazing statistics. The research shows that every other adult in the UK personalises gifts – representing a massive 27 million people shopping for products that go the extra mile!

A personalisation nation
Personalisation has somewhat evolved in recent years. Gone are the days where we all have the same staple ‘brick’ phone, with the same infamous ring tone, unable to tell whether it is ours ringing or someone else’s.

Now, it is harder to think what isn’t personalised. Looking at our daily routine – from the song you choose to wake up to; the cup of coffee with your name on it (soya milk, extra shot?); the newsfeeds you have on your tablet or phone; to the groceries you order online for home delivery. The list is endless.

Unsurprisingly the YouGov research tells us that, for a third of adults, personalisation means ‘the ability to tailor a product to the way we like it’ – whether that be a gift or any other aspect of our busy lives. Importantly, creating a customised product makes the experience more about the customer – the act of thoughtfulness – creating a timeless gift with immeasurable significance and memories. All very important leading into the season of giving!

As firm believers that individual touches mean so much more than names and faces, our top 5 reasons to consider customising are to:

  1. Bring personality to the product
  2. Make someone feel special with a little extra thought
  3. Create a unique, one-of-a-kind gift
  4. Capture, share and treasure memories with photos
  5. Get creative, imaginative and have fun

Spending on customised products on the up
The average adult in the UK is expected to spend £36.51 on personalised gifts this year, and that figure is set to grow, with consumers increasingly willing to spend more on that extra special something – whether it be a personalised cup, card or photobook. This is just the tip of the iceberg–there is little you can’t now personalise!

What does the future of personalisation hold?
We are clearly personalising more than ever thanks to advances in technology and increased competition in the retail and e-commerce markets. Who knows where personalisation will go next – perhaps you’ll soon be customising the adverts you watch on TV, buying bespoke food products or 3D printing your furniture. As consumers, we have higher expectations year-on-year, so delivering above and beyond for the special people in our lives can become a challenge.

One thing is for certain, we are now able to tailor nearly everything we do, to just the way we like it. And, with over half of adults in the UK preferring to receive personalised gifts, this Christmas is sure to be the most personal yet! Luckily personalisation can be done wherever, whenever – you could be on the move on your phone or on your computer in the comfort of your own home. It means we can avoid the manic festive rush and spend more time on what really matters. I think most of us would raise a festive glass to that!